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Active Children Chiropractic in Saskatoon

child having shoulders adjustedIf you are the parent or guardian of an active pre-teen or teenager, you are likely on the road weeknights and weekends, driving them to and from activities, sitting in gyms or ice rinks, at ballfields, or in studios, watching them do what they love.

Twisting and turning, spinning and leaping, diving and jumping—and doing it all over again the next day.

Many of our kids’ activities require a lot of exertion throughout the body, with repetitive movements and contact sports creating imbalances and misalignments. This can cause pain and prevent them from performing at their best, but chiropractic care benefits young athletes.

Precision Chiropractic Adjustments for Teens

Dr. Dorian Swystun uses the Activator Methods® Technique analysis to uncover specific misalignments that contribute to a lot of the common discomfort and tension in an active teen’s body which are often overlooked.

He will also conduct a full posture assessment, including an EMG analysis, to understand how the posture muscles coordinate. Your child’s posture is crucial to building a healthy foundation in the body for movement, and this will help determine if further adjustments are necessary.

After this in-depth analysis, he will know the precise locations to use the Activator, giving your child a precise chiropractic adjustment without the high force “back cracking” that’s become so popular to view on social media.

What to Expect for Your First Visit

During your child’s first visit, you’ll fill out your paperwork in privacy, and one of our friendly staff members will ask any follow-up questions necessary. Dr. Swystun will be briefed on the patient’s concerns and health history and will then meet with the child to ask additional questions if necessary.

From there, the child will receive a full neurological and spinal examination, and a staff member will finish the appointment with a postural examination and surface EMG evaluation, which shows how the muscles communicate with the body.

Once that’s done, the patient will move to a report room, where they will receive the report of findings from Dr. Swystun. If chiropractic will be a good fit for their symptoms, he will discuss a plan to help them get out of their discomfort. If they are interested and willing, they can receive an adjustment that first day.

Be Our Next Success Story—Contact Us Today!

One recent patient of Dr. Swystun is a six-day-a-week dancer. When the wear and tear of her daily dance lessons became painful in her hips, she came to Freedom Chiropractic to help alleviate the discomfort. Following his in-depth Activator Methods® analysis, Dr. Swystun determined the root cause of her issues, and after just one adjustment, she no longer had pain.

Your teen can be a success story, too. Being active doesn’t mean your teen has to be in pain. Contact us today to help them get started on a path toward improved function and less discomfort!


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