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Back Pain Relief in Saskatoon

Woman with back painBack pain is never just back pain—it’s your particular back pain and how it’s affecting your life and limiting your ability to enjoy it to the fullest. At Freedom Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on figuring out the underlying cause of your particular back pain and tailoring the best care to help you get the solutions you seek.

With 25 years’ experience, Dr. Swystun offers precision chiropractic adjustments using Activator Methods®.

A Piece of the Pain Puzzle

Our focus is on the joint dysfunction that’s causing the pain. For example, that dysfunction may be in the lumbar spine, pelvis, or sacroiliac joints. Dr. Swystun focuses on those connections and how they function, as they are an often overlooked piece of the pain puzzle.

Advanced conditions such as disc bulges or herniations can contribute to pain patterns. Addressing the underlying joint mechanics and joint function is necessary for the body to repair and heal itself.

Precision Adjustments

At your initial visit, we will conduct a thorough examination, including MyoVision scanning, to assess the health of your spinal muscles, as well as a postural analysis. Based on your specific situation, Dr. Swystun will tailor a care plan to help you meet your individual goals. Using Activator protocols, he is able to very precisely pin down specific joint dysfunctions in all the related areas associated with your pain, and apply incredibly precise adjustments to restore optimal function.

The Activator instrument delivers high-speed, low-force precision adjustments without putting your body in twisted positions that can be very uncomfortable, especially when you’re already in pain.

Just as every patient’s pain is unique, so is their recovery. With regular care, most patients see improvement within one to four weeks. Dr. Swystun will tell you what you can expect in your situation.

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