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Prenatal Chiropractor in Saskatoon

Your body goes through a tremendous amount of change as your baby grows. Some of these changes include relaxing ligaments caused by the hormone relaxin. Relaxin is needed to relax the ligaments of the pelvis to allow for delivery, but it affects all the body’s ligaments. With these relaxed ligaments, you are more susceptible to joint dysfunction that can create discomfort during your pregnancy and during delivery.

In addition, your baby’s weight puts a great deal of strain and stress on your lower back, which can be uncomfortable and limit your mobility.

Chiropractic care helps restore the optimal function of your spine and pelvis to create a more comfortable pregnancy by putting your body in a better state in preparation for the birthing process. At Freedom Chiropractic, Dr. Swystun has 25 years’ experience helping our expecting moms with our gentle approach to care.

smiling pregnant mom with son

Happy Mom, Happy Baby

When an expecting mom is in a lot of difficulty because of pain—back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain—that added stress can be transferred to the baby as well. So by putting Mom more at ease, we help to reduce the stress Baby is feeling as well.

What to Expect

We go the extra mile to ensure your comfort at this exciting time of life. Our special table allows you to lie comfortably face-down, even at full term. Because Dr. Swystun specializes in Activator Methods®, our adjustments are extremely precise and gentle, without putting your body in any sort of twisting positions.

Initially, we recommend check-ups about every three to four weeks. As you approach your delivery date, we’ll usually ramp that schedule up to once a week to ensure that your spine and pelvis are moving, functioning optimally, and ready for the big day!

Get Started Today

The most common feedback we get is from women on their second or third pregnancy who hadn’t had chiropractic care with prior pregnancies and wish they had. Don’t suffer needlessly with pregnancy discomfort—contact us today to schedule.

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